Sakura Necklace

Sakura Necklace
The Sakura necklace is made using butter Baltic Amber, fluorite and rose quartz.  
*Limited Quantity
 Fluorite can range in color with bands of green, blue, purple and white. A crystal of focus, clear thinking and inspiration. Helps decrease inflammation both in mind and body. Carry with you to keep calm and cool headed during daily life. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (green fluorite)
Rose Quartz is rosy pink in color. The love stone, promotes unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and inner peace. Can attract romantic love. Emotional healer, promotes self love. Zodiac sign: Taurus, Libra. 
• Wearing Baltic Amber jewelry offers natural pain relief for adults & children through all the stages and discomforts life. Baltic Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory and immunity booster. 

Each fluorite flower is unique and varies in color and markings. I cannot promise a specific bead or color. Please refer to the photo to see variations in the stone. 

*Amber teething necklaces are simply to be worn close to the skin and not intended to be chewed on in any way. 
Each necklace is handmade with Genuine Baltic Amber on nylon cord and are fastened with a screw clasp. The cord is knotted between each bead so if it were to break only the one bead would fall off. Amber Beads range from 4-6mm and may very slightly in size, shape and color as they are an organic material. 
$ 36.00